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Put yourself in your friend's place. She's
made a special effort with her hair and you
tell her that it looks "so fisticated".
No wonder she cried - who wouldn't have? ;-)


Hi Stacia. I feel so honored that someone with your perspective and honesty would link to me and reference me. Thank you. Of course I enjoyed this, as well as your "I am not a writer" blog post that you also linked to.
Too tired to say much else, but as always grateful you started and continue the blog.


Vexstasy - :-)

McCaffery - Thank you - I feel honored that you feel honored!


I too, have been an voracious reader. And I still am. But I'm much less likely to hide behind it now. Part of that has to do with my recovery and part of it has to do with growing and building new hobbies. But my default is the backyard swing with a book. Nothing much makes me as happy (except sitting on the swing with the book and looking at my garden.)


Looking at one's garden is amazing! I don't have one exactly this year (except for the volunteer plants, bless 'em) but in years past almost every evening my Love and I would just go walk through it and look at things. And, since we were organic, we'd always find and have to kill (nonbeneficial) bugs. Very romantic, that.

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