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John Bates

Why does that happen?
Sod's Law I suppose.
You relax to enjoy your holiday
and all those nasty things come
out to get you.
It just doesn't seem fair.


Is that the same Sod of "Sod off!" fame? And who is he? Sounds Norse. Here he is known as "Murphy."

It isn't fair! But then I'm unemployed and tried to go on vacation. Maybe it was punishment. Sod's vengeance?

Ick? :-)

John Bates

No it's not related to the Sod of "Sod Off" fame ;-)

According to Wikipedia Murphy's Law
is a special case of Sod's Law. But I can
assure you that, after having read the
pages for both of them, there is more
detail there than a normal person
would wish to know about them.

And so, being a normal person, I can
only conclude that, Yes, they mean the
same thing (and that one sounds more
like an insult than the other) :-)


Stacia, I am so sorry you had to go through this after only getting to enjoy one day in Florida. What a way to be put through the wringer! I hope you are feeling more back to yourself! xoxo...


Thanks John - I can always count on you to do the research! ;-)


I am over the stomach bug and morphine effects, still a little drippy from the cold though, thanks McCaffery! And we did get to go out the last day we were there and saw the new Robin Hood with my Love's sister and her husband. I loved that movie even more than I thought I would.


Hi Stacia,

You've been awfully quiet recently....



Hi Stacia great to get your comment on my blog. and what a coincidence I was only thinking of you this morning and wondering where you are? I miss your posts.....hope you are just busy and not poorly again. Does your Cuban man speak good english? It's easy to slip into english here and sometimes although I really try to speak spanish more I just get tired and switch back to what is easy. But I know the ONLY way to learn is to totally immerse myself. Ah well, this evening a party with the whole family so I will be listening more than talking yet again. love Kate x


You know it's love when they offer to give you a kidney.

Sorry about the vomiting. That couldn't have been fun.

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