If you do decide to come to the UK and walk one of the long distance footpaths you should consider the one called the "Coast to Coast" which runs from the west to the east coast of England crossing the Lake District, the Yorkshire Dales and the North York Moors. It really is a beautiful walk (and not as bleak as those names make it sound). Contact me if you'd like some more information about it.

I walked it (well half of it) late last year when I found I needed time and space to think about things and I have to say it was one of the most refreshing things I've ever done. I wrote a bit about it here: .

Waking each morning and knowing that the only thing I really had to think about that day was how I was going to get from A to B was so therapeutic.

Do you know which part of the UK your distant relatives came from? If it was the north of England you might find you'd be walking close to home.


Thanks for the tip(s)! Your post was great - it's good to read tips from someone who's actually done it, especially since I don't do much hiking and the one overnighter I did was not a fun time. And therapeutic is exactly what I envisioned too, so I'm glad to know it worked out that way for you.

I don't know where my peeps hail from. That's something I wanted to look into more before I went over there. I'll probably have time as I think it will be at least a couple of years.......


Hola Stacia I just dropped by to have a look at what you are doing and read your goals for the future - love it! I have just started trying to talk in castellano every day with my live in personal tutor - why is it so hard to do? He speaks english with me - I should be more disciplined. And all your dreams are so do-able. I like to write mine down with some for 10 years, some for 5 years, going down to the ones for this week. this makes me actually do things like go for a run and read my camera instructions. for years I had a goal of 'live in another country' and 'find a lover who is funny and intelligent and loves me' BOth now achieved - so it is possible. Good luck, Kate x

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